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We invest in people. Great ideas, products, processes, missions, etcetera are only as great as the people behind them. Our founder, Daniel Dicochea, like all our members, has needed help countless times in his personal and professional life. We are all products of the lessons and support we receive from one another.

No hands outs here. Be it for profit, or nonprofit, we only "invest" in people/organizations that are pushing forward and could use a boost. By "investing" our time/money into you, we are building the NetConnect Network with another strong leader/organization like you(rs).

You become a part of our network, devoted to paying it forward, giving back, and building with others. We continually grow and serve exponentially more people as our network continues to expand and serve more.

Our free services are reserved for individuals making less than $70,000/year and nonprofit/for profit organizations with less than $1,000,000 in annual revenue. If you/your organization has revenue greater than the above thresholds, contact us for a free consultation and quote on our unbeatable Future Operations paid services. Net proceeds are used to provide more free services to qualifying leaders/organizations. 

Please submit your application below to be considered for our free services.

Support for you or your business

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