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Help Daniel Out

10 Years of Feedback & Counting

One drop ripples throughout.  NetConnect is built upon this premise; the greatest change flows from private practice, one good deed at a time.  Constant and consistent self-analysis is the premier method to ensure we do not stray from those good deeds, values and goals.  However, regular feedback from others helps us identify things we may have missed.  We all sharpen each other; this is your opportunity to sharpen Daniel as he strives to improve himself wherever possible.    
Daniel requests feedback through this performance review every 4-12 months.  He takes this process seriously.  Every survey is thoroughly dissected by Daniel to make needed change.  This is an opportunity for you to practice self-analysis and contribute to Daniel's improvement as a person and leader.  This is also a great opportunity for Daniel to identify how he can better serve you
If it is your first time participating in one of Daniel's surveys, please note, the only required portion of this survey is criticism about Daniel and the vote at the end of your survey.  Whether he is your Investor, Partner, Advisor, Mentor(ee), Coach, Coworker, or Teammate, if the majority of people from your organization, team, category, etcetera vote him to be replaced, Daniel promises to step down and find a replacement that will serve you according to YOUR NEEDS.  
Exceptional success in business, faith and life is only achieved when you and your people are happy; biblical practices are key to that achievement.  This is my method of identifying how to better contribute to your happiness & passion.  Please, be open and honest as you feel comfortable with.  The more thorough, the more I can improve and the less likely I will be voted out of my role.  I want to be the servant you need me to be.
Performance Review
Please Rate Your Performance Against that of Your PeersNeed a lot of WorkBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExceptionalPlease Rate Your Performance Against that of Your Peers
Please Rate Daniel's PerformanceNeeds a lot of ImprovementBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExceptionalPlease Rate Daniel's Performance

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Should Daniel Be Replaced?

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Thank you for investing the time and effort to complete this survey. It is my goal to make this process quick and easy. I will do my best to make good with this feedback and better serve you.

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